Calendar April 15, 2019 14:21

I deliberately didn’t list items like: try to aim at the head, observe timings, memorize the map, etc. All this will come with experience. But it’s worth talking about some unobvious points. Follow these advices and you'll see how good you will be in overwatch account boosting

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Posted April 15, 2019 14:21

Calendar April 3, 2019 05:52

Last week, Junkrat obtained a buff into his Frag Launcher, which raised his damage output together with all the weapon from 40 to 60. With the current patch, the shift has been decreased to 50. Similarly, Junkrat's greatest Rip Tire price was increased by 10 per cent to help balance the first enthusiast.

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Posted April 3, 2019 05:52

Calendar April 3, 2019 05:51

G2 Esports have endured another mad from the LEC, now in the hands of Splyce. The European superteam were really defeated pretty easily because of an unbelievable teamfighting in their resistance.

This game started quite well for Splyce, that could come across a couple important selections on G2 early in the match. Splyce is famous because of their late-game art, but they have been very efficient in the ancient game now. From 20 minutes, they'd secured four kills, a tower, along with also an Infernal Drake.

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Posted April 3, 2019 05:51

Calendar April 3, 2019 05:47

As a special bonus for fans of skilled Dota two , StarLadder has assembled a legendary exhibition game as an additional treat for the last evening of The Chongqing Major.

In a struggle between a number of the best clubs in Dota history,'' The International 2016 champions, Wings Gambling, will reform to face off against the International 2017 champions, Team Liquid.

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Posted April 3, 2019 05:47